Welcome to Ambiel Solutions. We are the new store front for a number of independent artists, musicians, creators and alternative media outlets. Over the coming months we will be bringing some exclusive new content, both digital and tangible products that you won’t be able to get anywhere else.

Latest Music

Ambiel Prints - Limited Edition

Chig Art

With work gliding effortlessly from Sculpture to Print, Painting to Video, all with a unique and awe inducing quality, Chig is an artist of enigma like qualities. Coming soon, Ambiel Prints.

Mr Lee Creative

With his own unique approach and very stylised designs, Mr Lee brings the flavour of the Southern Hemisphere with his contemporary canvas designs. Coming soon, Ambiel Prints.

Clothing News

Ambiel T-Shirt Store

We are currently developing a whole catalogue of unique products for the clothing store. Ethically sourced and carbon neutral garments.

Audio News

Underdog Mastering

We have teamed up with Underdog Mastering to provide affordable, professional audio services to independent labels, artists, bands and management.

The service is managed by us on behalf of Underdog and we handle all transactions and data upload and delivery. The service is 100% secure and easy to use.

Introducing SplatTags

NattyArt – SplatTags

Coming very soon exclusively to Ambiel Solutions. The SplatTag range,  3D custom prints produced by NattyArt UK. We will have more about this product coming soon.